30 Animals that Will Make You Fear Australia

Supposedly Australia is a nice place, but everything there wants to seriously harm you. Really, it might be the most dangerous continent on earth — at least from the standpoint of wildlife. This isn’t news, and we’re sure you’ve seen social media spammed with funny articles about how everything in Australia wants to murder humans, but our list of the 30 most dangerous animals in Australia is different. It’s not just a collection of scary looking animals, but a list compiled by actual experts in the field who have systematically ranked the species that pose the greatest risk to human lives. We’re not being cute here; we’re serious.

kangaroos jumping
Image: Edgy Fitness

This list was put together by the staff at the Australian Museum in Sydney, and they broke down the collection into 5 groups with different danger ratings. That’s right, you can further separate the most nefarious animals in Australia by just how deadly they are. The Australian Museum in Sydney started with a danger rating of 5/10, which is basically like homicidal-light, and ended with a solitary animal at the top of the body-count food chain, with a perfect 10/10 danger rating. Some might surprise you, either by even being included at all (like #2) or where they ranked on the list (#17), but almost all of them will strike fear in the hearts of at least one person. And no, kangaroos aren’t on the list.

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