10 Most Unfaithful U.S. Cities

Salt Lake Temple
By: David Wiley

Wondering which cities in the United States are generally the least faithful to their significant other? Every year, Ashley Madison ranks the cities by the number of users that their site has from each location (the site arranges extramarital affairs for its users). The site provided some of the data in order to rank the top 10 most unfaithful U.S. cities per capita:

10. Orlando, Florida

Walt Disney World Gallery Photo
By: Atiq Nazri

Home to Walt Disney World and Sea World, Orlando is also a prime spot to step out on your spouse apparently. Maybe it really is not the happiest place on Earth.

9. Dallas, Texas

Dallas Skyline from Deep Ellum
By: John McStravick

The third largest city in the state of Texas comes in at number nine on this list (which is, coincidentally, its national rank in city size). The city has a strong industrial and financial sector, which are apparently so stressful that people need a way to blow off steam.

8. Chicago, Illinois

chicago skyline over the water
By: Jamie McCaffrey

Chicago is home to nearly three million people, and apparently many of them like to engage in extracurricular activities. It also boasts “the biggest age gap between men and women” users of the Ashley Madison site.

7. Boston, Massachusetts

boston through filter
By: Navaneeth KN

Most people think of the Red Sox when they think of Boston, and oddly enough, the city sees a spike in cheating when baseball is not in season.

6. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh Panoramic
By: Dr EG

The Steel City is another locale that sees more cheating during football season. Perhaps tailgating and barbecuing are factors in having an affair.

5. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

oklahoma city skuline
By: Joyce and Steve

While far from the top of the list of most populous cities, this list is per capita, and Oklahoma City has a pretty high percentage of people that are looking to get down in secret.

4. Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake Temple
By: David Wiley

This city was founded by Brigham Young and his Mormon followers, and many associate them with being overly conservative and possibly even uptight, but that apparently is not the case.

3. Phoenix, Arizona

By: Kevin Dooley

Phoenix is one of the largest cities in the country and home to many major companies. There is also not a lot to do out in the desert, which apparently drives people to do each other (though not if they are married to one another).

2. San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio Riverwalk Evening
By: Stuart Seeger

Another Texas city checks in at number two on the list of the most unfaithful cities. San Antonio is known for its economic role in financial services, government, and health care. It also has a healthy tourism industry, which may contribute to its high ranking on this list.

1. Portland, Maine

Portland, Maine lighthouse on rocky shore
By: Jeff Gunn

This is the largest city in the state of Maine, and it also boasts the highest number of cheaters relative to city size of any place in the country. The city has many famous bars and restaurants, which makes it a prime candidate to appear high on this list, as the abundance of social hangouts provides ample opportunity for people to run into each other and meet on the sly.

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